A wonderous yet perplexing discovery was made early this year at the site of the former Sinister Haunted House at 3910 Palmer Park Blvd in Colorado Springs. While builders were digging a hole for a future animatronic prop, to their surprise they found a large cavern and series of long abandoned mining tunnels dating back to before Colorado earned its statehood! With the help of a local historical society and documents found in the tunnels, they were able to uncover some of the history and mystery surrounding this astonishing discovery.

In 1856, more than a decade before the founding of Colorado Springs, a small mining colony named “Cold Falls” existed at the afore mentioned location. The colony consisted of a series of copper mines, a caretakers residence, and a town including a hotel, saloon, schoolhouse, medical facility, and even a jail. It is thought to have had a respectable population of over 800 working people; sizable enough to even draw the attention of a traveling circus at the time. Evidence shows that although the copper mine was productive, all mining abruptly stopped in 1859 and the town was immediately abandoned; most of it even physically buried by workers. The reason(s) for this fast evacuation are still a mystery and the truth may never be fully understood. Even more intriguing are drafts of notes and letters found in the caretakers home. They reference a wealthy benefactor and owner of the mine named S. Von Helton. It has been speculated that this individual may be related to Dr. Stewart Von Helton, whose family was amongst the earliest settlers of Colorado Springs. The notes also elude to a potential secondary reason for the mines development. Excerpt from a note found in Cold Falls Caretakers home:

 Your Lordship Von Helton.

Your instructions have been followed to the letter. Although, as we discussed, you have no interest in copper, the mine is actually producing and you should see funds generated soon. As for your other request, we have not yet located what you are looking for, but based on conversations I have overheard from the workers I feel we are getting close. I hope this message finds you well.

Your Humble Servant

M. Silas Chadwick

Additional curiosities abound in the mines, including rock formations and insect life found nowhere else on the planet; 100% ecologically exclusive to this location. Most notable are enormous arachnids larger than the bird-eating tarantula.

With the help a local historical society, the owners of Sinister Haunted house have excavated and unearthed a 28,000 square foot section of the site and rebuilt it. This Halloween Season it will be open for the first time to the public for historical and “haunted” tours!

We invite and welcome you to the brand new HAUNTED MINES where you can truly explore your deepest fears!!! Journey into the NEW Haunted Mines, now located at Palmer Park and Academy, from September 28th through November 3rd.


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