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2014 Tickets and Group Rates

Ticket prices vary during the season. Tickets are less expensive earlier in the season, starting at $13, and go up as you get closer to Halloween. The weekends before Halloween are the most popular and are the most expensive. We encourage you to come earlier in the season. See our calendar; please plan accordingly.

To see ticket prices, go to our tickets page and click on the highlighted days in the calendar. The price for Regular and VIP tickets will display for each day you select.

Regular Tickets let you experience the whole haunt, but you may need to wait to let VIP ticket holders go in ahead of you. These tickets are your best value.

VIP Fastpass ticket holders are admitted to the haunt at a faster rate than Regular ticket holders. These tickets cost more but are a good choice if you want to impress your date, or just can't wait to be scared! You may upgrade a valid Regular ticket to a VIP Fastpass at the ticket booth for the price difference.

Tickets are sold on-line or on-site at the ticket booth. On-line sales start in mid-September.

2014 Parade of Haunts

We sell tickets for the Colorado Springs 2014 Parade of Haunts. These tickets must be purchased from our ticket booth (not online). This is a single ticket that you may use for VIP admission to five haunted attractions in Colorado Springs:

The ticket may be used once at each attraction, and provides substantial savings over purchasing individual tickets for each attraction. You need not attend all attractions on the same evening, although we recommend doing so to maximize the fun! The ticket provides VIP entry to each, to speed your way to the scares.

Discount Days

The first few weekends of our season are Student and Family discount days. *ALL* guests receive discounted prices. See the "green" days - tagged with one $-sign, on our calendar.

Hero Discount

Active duty military and first responders receive $2 off their tickets. Ticket must be purchased on-site at the ticket booth, for use that night. You must show your military or first responder photo ID at time of purchase. Discount applies only to the ID'd member. Discount not valid during Discount Days (the tickets are already discounted!). Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Group Rates

We offer a discount for groups of various sizes:

To get the group rate, one person must purchase all tickets in one transaction. When purchasing on-line, group rates are automatically applied. Discount not valid during Discount Days (the tickets are already discounted!). Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

For large groups (100 or more people), or groups with special needs, please contact us in advance at TicketsHauntedMines.org . We're happy to accomodate you!



Ticket exchanges must be done on-line. An exchange may COST YOU more:

You may exchange ticket(s) a maximum of three times. After three times you may not exchange the ticket.

You may exchange your current tickets for another day, but only until 36 hours before the start of the show on your current tickets, and only if new tickets are available for the new day you select.

No exceptions!

Exchanged tickets have NO VALUE. Once exchanged: delete them, tear them up, recycle them, whatever. They are marked in our system as invalid and cannot be used for entry to the attraction. You will be supplied with new tickets as part of the exchange. Bring only the new tickets for entrance to the attraction.


If it's our fault, we offer refunds or exchanges.
If it's not our fault, NO REFUND.
If we close due to weather (see below), it's not our fault -- but we'll be nice and allow you to exchange the ticket or get a refund.

We alone determine fault, no one else. Not being your fault does not make it "our" fault!

Weather Closures

If we close due to weather, you may exchange your ticket for another day. We may add additional "make up" days to our schedule to accomodate weather closures, especially if the closure happens late in our schedule. If the other day you select costs more, you must pay the difference. If the other day you select costs less, sorry - no refund of the difference -- thank you for the donation! (See the Exchange policy above.) We may also offer you the option of a full refund. Or we may automatically refund your purchase price. Weather closures and your exchange/refund options will be communicated via the Haunted Mines web site.

On Your Billing Statement

Although the proceeds from ticket sales go to the Western Museum of Mining and Industry and other local charities, the purchases made with your credit or debit card will appear on your statement as billed by Haunted Mines, not the mining museum. Haunted Mines is the not-for-profit 501c3 organization that builds and operates the haunted attraction.

Pickup Codes

Pickup codes let you view and print your tickets online, whether purchased from the ticket booth, purchased on-line, or awarded to you. Tickets will be emailed to the address you supply so you can print them yourself.

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E-Mail Address: 
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