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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Haunted Mines?

The Haunted Mines are Colorado Springs' most exciting seasonal Halloween haunted attraction. This "haunted house" type of attraction is constructed on the historic, 26 acre, centuries-old grounds of the Mining Museum, a former dairy farm from the 1800's.

The Haunted Mines haunted house is designed to thrill, scare, and entertain you. It is an indoor, outdoor, and underground fun experience that is physically and psychologically challenging.

Where are the Haunted Mines?

The Haunted Mines are located at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry in Colorado Springs. It is just east of I-25 Exit 156a (the North Gate Blvd exit). You can see us from the highway. We are just east of the Air Force Academy's north gate, thru those fun roundabouts. See our Map and Directions page.

Who does it benefit? Is it charitable?

Yes, Haunted Mines haunted house is an event for charity. All profits (100%) benefit the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, and many other local charities, such as food banks, animal rescue groups, and fire departments.

Weekends are busy -- When is the best time to attend?

Friday and Saturday evenings are the busiest times, especially the last three weekends of October. To avoid the long lines, it's best to come on a weekday or earlier in the season. Halloween night itself is usually not too busy, surprisingly. If you attend on a Friday or Saturday, your best bet for the least wait time is to arrive by 6:30pm, or after 9pm. (We usually run out of parking by 8pm, but we free up space again by 9:30pm+/-). Note: On Nov 1st, our Final Night - we close the front gate and close ticketing at 10pm.

When are the Haunted Mines open?

The Haunted Mines haunted house is open during September and October. Please see our Calendar page for the exact schedule.

When does parking open? Is parking free?

On-site parking opens one hour prior to when the haunt opens. Please don't arrive sooner than this; you'll probably find the gates closed!

Our on-site parking is free, and usually adequate for our crowds but on busy nights we may fill up. In that case we ask you to come later that evening, or carpool with a friend, or find nearby off-site parking and walk in.

How can I tell if the mines are closed due to bad weather?

We will post a notice on the main page of this web site by 5pm that day.

How should I dress?

Dress like you're going hiking. Comfortable, autumn clothing, and good footwear. Your clothes may get dirty! Open-toed shoes, sandals, and flip-flops are NOT permitted. Evenings may be cold; jackets are recommended.

Attention Women! Skirts or short dresses are not recommended, because you will be crawling on your hands and knees during your escape from the mines. This may be more revealing than you prefer, to the people behind and below you. Too, we do not recommend wearing heels, because of the many planked bridges, beams, grates, and walkways you'll have to traverse.

Do I really have to crawl through small, dark tunnels?

YES! The smallest openings are a creepy cramped 20" square and a 15"x30" rectangular opening. This is not a problem for most people. However, if you absolutely cannot handle it, make your fear known and a security guard will escort you through a much larger bypass. Note that when you use a bypass passageway, you will not experience all the thrills and terrors we have in store for you.

Will I get wet?

Not if you're careful. There are some water-based features that suddenly "explode" and may get you a bit wet. Or if one of your "friends" splashes you from the swamp or the many water attractions, then all bets are off. Portions of the haunt are out-doors, so if it rains or snows, well... you'll be part of nature.

Will I be touched?

No! We give our monsters strict instructions about contact (no contact!). There may be incidental, accidental contact as a monster goes by; or if you need a hand getting up/over/thru something, our monsters are instructed to help you.

If you're unruly, unsafe, or disruptive, then you WILL be "touched" by our burly security guards as they "escort" you to the police. We do our best to insure a safe and thrilling experience for our victims... er, ... customers.

Are the bats real?

Yes - The bats at the Haunted Mines haunted house are real. They usually migrate to New Mexico during October & November, so there's a chance you'll see them. And please be kind to them: we like 'em 'cuz they eat 'skeeters and other flying bugs, making it a nicer place for the rest of us.

What will I experience?

As a victim, er..., "Guest" of the Haunted Mines haunted house, you will be subjected to disorienting and distracting sounds, lights, fog & smoke, wind, water, heat, shocks, and other theatrical special effects. You may be required to bend, jump, climb, dash, crawl, slide, or run through segments of the haunted attraction; sometimes over moving, uneven, or unstable flooring and ground. Several parts of the attraction are designed to move you, like an amusement park ride. You will interact with the characters of the attraction. At times, you will be in and move through very dark and confined spaces. And mostly, you'll have a heck of a lot of fun!

How long does it last?

The haunted attraction portion (the "Haunt") takes most people about a half-hour to get through. It could be longer for some. But you may also be waiting in line to enter. On busy nights -- Fridays and Saturdays -- wait times can be several hours. We have various kinds of entertainment to occupy your time while you wait, including interaction with our monsters, and great horror movies on the big screen, and the HorrorDome. Most people don't seem to mind the wait. We offer a VIP Fastpass for an additional price that allows you to enter with less wait time.

Who Can Attend?

The Haunted Mines haunted house is open to the public. The attraction is recommended for souls 13 and older. Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Haunted Mines are not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia, PTSD, or with any electronic medical implant, or those who are scared of things that go bump in the night. Sorry, the mines are not ADA accessible.

How big a group can go thru?

Or, ... "May I bring in all 40 of my group together?"

You will be divided into groups of four to six people at a time. The scares and scenes are designed to be effective for these group sizes. If your group "reassembles" again on the inside, you're doing yourself a disfavor because only six or so of the group will experience the scenes and scares properly. There are many places, too, where six is the maximum that will fit in the area/ride/scene/room! So, while we would be more than happy to terrify all of your friends as one big group, we limit group sizes to six people, and we ask that you stay separated as such throughout the attraction -- after all, we don't want any tunnels collapsing on you, now, do we?

Are there clowns/chainsaws/rats/snakes/blood/whatever in the attraction?

Sorry to say, but that is strictly confidential; we don't want to give away all of our secrets in advance! Basically, if it scares you, then we have it. The best way to find out is to experience it for yourself!

Is it scary?

Yes! Of course it is! This is why you come here. But it's not _just_ scary. There's spectacle and interaction, and lots of fun waiting for you inside.

What if I get too scared?

We pride ourselves in creating a terrifyingly fun-filled event. Yet the Haunted Mines can be too intense for some customers. Don't be embarassed about this, it happens to many people. If you want out, call out to any one of our security guards, and you will be safely escorted out of the attraction, where you can wait at the exit for your group to rejoin you. If you need medical attention (hyperventilation, panic attacks, claustrophobia, whatever) our emergency staff is ready to assist you. Sorry, but we cannot refund your money once you have entered the attraction - all sales are final. But you'll be well cared for!

What emergency services are present?

On most nights we have on-site Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, and/or Military Police; Firemen; EMT services including ambulance service; and clinical or counseling psychologists. On quiet nights we may have only firemen or EMTs, with the other emergency responders on rapid standby. This is in addition to our trained security guards and safety officers. We've been fortunate to have had only minor incidents to date, but we're ready regardless!

Who produces the Haunted Mines?

The Haunted Mines haunted house is produced by a partnership of the Western Museum of Mining and Industry and Haunted Mines, a Colorado not-for-profit corporation. These are the guys that have been scaring Colorado Springs every Halloween since 1993!

Is anyone paid to work here?

No. We're a 100% volunteer organization. We do this on our own time, for the love of the scare. To say we're nuts about Halloween is an understatememt! If you like Halloween, please join us - it's fun!

You're a charity - May I use my ticket price as a tax deduction?

Probably not. Although it's true we're 100% charitable, you receive a service in exchange for the price of your ticket. But like all tax questions, we advise you to discuss this with your tax professional.

May I film or photograph the attraction?

We do not allow our guests to use cameras in our attraction, whether they be high-quality or cell phone cameras. We make special exceptions for media crews, but this must be arranged in advance.

May I use a flashlight/cell phone as I go thru?

No. Flashlights, laser pointers, cell phones held up as a light, or other light sources are not permitted. We've carefully crafted the lighting in each scene to give you the best experience -- why would you want to ruin it? Too, flashlights will harm your and our monster's night vision making it unsafe for both. So, this is a strict "No".

Are food and drink available?

We have fa ood vendor on site, ready to serve you! Skip dinner at home and enjoy quality "fair-like fare" from our great vendors.

May I have/bring/drink alcohol at/in the attraction?

No. If you are intoxicated, you will be turned away. If we also notice that you are driving, our on-site police will happily assist you to more "comfortable" quarters for the evening.

Is smoking permitted?

No, except in one designated area. This area is across the driveway from the ticket booth, under the big tree. There are tables there for your use. We have very strict fire regulations at the site, in part because this is an historic site, and FIRE OF ANY KIND OR FORM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED except for smoking in the above-mentioned area.

Do you facilitate Birthday parties?

We do not offer any special services for birthday parties or similar celebrations. However, many people do bring parties to us. Typically, they'll begin by sending everyone through the haunt; then using our picnic area for the rest of the celebration. Or they'll come early -- before the haunt-part is open -- have the party, and end the celebration by going thru the haunt. Picnic tables are available on a first-come basis, but they're seldom all used on any night. Our concessions vendors will be happy to provide food for your party! And we offer group-rate discounts for groups of 20 or more.

Where is that spooky Coyote Girl of Monument story?

We do host a copy of the local legend, the Coyote Girl of Monument, on our web site. You'll also find the audio book version of it on that page, too.

What a great event! How can I become a Sponsor?

We love our sponsors! We always need material and service donations, such as lumber, paint, fireproofing, and food to feed the crew, to make our event bigger and better. In exchange you'll get fantastic exposure to our demographic groups that helps your business grow. Email us at info (at) HauntedMines.org.

May I Donate My Old (whatever)?

Possibly. We have specific needs for only certain things, and these materials must meet fire, safety, and building construction codes. Although it appears that we have lots of old, rotted wood and steel on site, it's actually new modern materials that we've distressed to look old. So please contact us before you bring any materials to us, and we'll arrange to meet you here.